The WomenCare of Baldwin Park App allows you to save time in the office by completing your paperwork ahead of time and at your convenience.

Right after you schedule your appointment you’ll receive an email with link to download the app.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can complete pre-appointment paperwork and virtually check-in when you arrive at the office.

Having issues with the app? Call the patient support line here: 1-844-961-2226. Note, this is for app support, not contacting the WomenCare office.

How to sign up for the WomenCare of Baldwin Park App

Step 1

  • Download app from Google Play Store or Apple Store (the link will be provided to you in an email after you schedule your appointment)
  • When the app is downloaded, open it and click on the Log In button

Step 2

  • On the next screen click on Sign up here. If you have previously logged in, use your username and password. If you have previously had a telehealth visit, this will be the same log in information
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, click on “forgot password or username”

Step 3

Step 4

  • Once you’ve clicked submit, you will see your scheduled appointment information.
  • Across the bottom of the app you will see 5 icons:
    • Heart: procedural information outside of a scheduled appointment task
    • Envelope: Disabled at this time. Any messaging to the practice will need to go through the Results Portal
    • Clock: Upcoming appointments
    • Money Sign: Outstanding balances
    • Chat Box: News about the practice

Step 5

  • Click on your scheduled visit.

Step 6

  • The next screen will show you additional information regarding your appointment.
  • Click on the red heart icon, Prepare for your appointment, to complete all pre-appointment tasks

These tasks can include:

  • Updating/confirming demographics
  • Updating/confirming medications
  • Updating/confirming allergies
  • Signing all consent forms
  • Updating/confirming personal and family history

Once all tasks are completed you will see green check marks on the right side of the tasks. We ask that you have all tasks complete prior to your scheduled appointment time. Please remember you will receive a text message 30 minutes prior to your appointment time, with a link that you will use to check in. When you arrive safely in the parking lot please remain in your vehicle and click on this link. When we are ready for you to come inside we will send you another text message inviting you in.

Changing Languages

The WomenCare of Baldwin Park App is available in both English and Spanish. To change languages, follow the following steps:

Step 1

Click on the 3 horizontal lines to get to the main menu of the app and choose Language/Idioma.

Step 2

Choose the language you prefer.


Is the WomenCare of Baldwin Park App the same as the MyWomenCare App?

No. It is a new app that will be replacing the MyWomenCare App. Please make sure to download the new WomenCare of Baldwin Park App.

Will I receive messages from the office and providers through the WomenCare of Baldwin Park App?

Messages from the office and your provider will be handled in the Results Portal.

What can I do on the WomenCare of Baldwin Park App?

The new app will let you complete paperwork, sign consents, and update information about your health. This allows you to do your paperwork at your convenience and reduces the amount of time you spend at the office when you come in for your appointment.

Can I schedule an appointment through the WomenCare of Baldwin Park App?

At this time, please call our office at 407-898-1500 to schedule your appointment.

I’m having issues using the app. What should I do?

Call the patient support line here: 1-844-961-2226. Note, this is for app support, not contacting the WomenCare office.